A team that is ready to create the perfect service environment and experience.  We are proud to offer the kind of treatment and services that will have you leaving looking and feeling amazing!

Loren Flores - Owner, Barber, Stylist

The art and reviving of Barbering has become my passion! With over 20 years of experience in the salon and beauty industry, I have found my inspiration- reviving the art of barbering. You will no doubt feel this immediately upon entering The Barber Lounge and Spa

My Goal: creating a space that is inviting to all. The music is just right and the game is on... sending you out the door feeling handsome or beautiful and an extra skip in your step!

Amanda Mondragon - Stylist

My goal is to listen and give every client what he or she is looking for, and to bring out your individual, natural beauty. Whether you need  a completely new hairstyle, Color, Highlight,  you'll find it here. Check out my services, and call to make an appointment today!

Michelle Firestone - Stylist

One of the best feelings in this world is being able to make someone fell good. I love what I do and offer great service to everyone that I meet. I am a great listener and strive to give each customer exactly what they want. I am a full cosmologist, I offer hair, skin, and nail services. I also offer full head and neck straight razor shaves to my male clients.  Being social and meeting new people is a big part of this industry which is a great fit to my personality. 

Jamaal Simmons - Barber

As a barber who’s finally getting established into the barbering community, I strive to bring each and every client who’s sit in my chair an experience beyond haircutting! Skill is defined as the ability, coming from one’s knowledge and practice, to do something well and I will continue to prefect my craft day in and day out! Barbering has become my lifestyle and not just a career. 

Brandi Cordova - Stylist

Meranda Mestas - Stylist

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